Look: Daredevil climbers release more sweat-inducing selfies from top of Hong Kong skyscrapers


We admit we’re a little late to the game with this one, but these images are too good not to share with you, our lovely readers.

Yet another group of Russian daredevils (always with the Russian daredevils) have scaled one of Hong Kong’s tallest skyscrapers to capture these images with a selfie stick dangling out some 350 meters above ground.



Alexander Remnev, 19, is part of the “Crazy Russians” roof-climbing team and the photographer behind these particular images. Above, the mad bastards conquer The Center, Hong Kong’s 5th tallest building at 346 meters high.




“I love to watch from above as the sun sets” Remnev previously told reporters. “I also like to sit on the roof with my friends and talk about topical issues or discuss the news. As a rule, we choose buildings in Moscow but when we’ve got spare time we will travel to other cities.”




Last month in Hong Kong, the Russian climbing duo On The Roofs hijacked a skyscraper billboard to project the words “WHAT’S UP HONG KONG” and then proceeded to take pictures on top of the structure like it was no big deal.





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