5 Reasons the Ebola Outbreak Was Contained in the Congo


While the world rightly focused on the growing number of Ebola cases emerging from Africa’s west coast this summer, the virus made another appearance in the heart of the continent: in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DOC), where Ebola was first identified in the 1970s. That outbreak—which was of another strain of Ebola Zaire—spread to just 69 people, however, and a report in the New England Journal of Medicine, has some answers as to why.

The DOC outbreak began with a pregnant woman who butchered and ate a dead monkey her husband had found in the Inkanamongo village, near a remote, forested area in the equatorial province. Presumably, the monkey was infected with Ebola; the woman became ill on July 26 and died on August 11. A local doctor and three health workers who performed a Cesarean section to remove the fetus before burial were also infected and died…

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