The Ultimate Gentleman Cheat Sheet Every Man Needs



Have you ever been out for the evening and witnessed a classy-looking man who was well put together and knew all the right things to say and do? Almost like he knew what to do or was prepared in every way for anything coming his way? Well, let me be the one to tell you, you were witness to the rare and illusive gentleman. Some women think seeing a true gentleman is like seeing a unicorn or having a leprechaun hand you a map to his pot of gold.

Having the male gene does not mean you are a gentleman. In fact, not every guy has it in him to be a gentleman. Part of being a gentleman can be taught while other parts seem like they are ingrained into the man. The list of infographics below is a gentleman cheat sheet. A gentleman is not always the good guy. A gentleman is usually the best suited up, smoothest talking, single malt whiskey drinker in the building.

Take a look at the information in them. I have no doubt may know some of the information. Here is a good reason you might consider learning to be a gentleman: A woman sees a man in a perfectly tailored suit in much the same way as a man looks at a women in lingerie. There is a reason Frank Sinatra and the fictional Don Draper had ladies swooning when they entered a room… they were gentlemen.

Some people say the clothes make the man. An air of sophistication, the allure of manners and possibly a better life are all part of the mystique. Being a true gent is truly a combination of many things and that’s what this ultimate gentleman cheat sheet is all about.

Evening Etiquette for the True Gentleman


Guide to Wearing a Suit like a Real Gentleman



Tying a Scarf for Style and Warmth



Gentleman’s Guide to Shoes. Because Women Look at your Shoes. Yes Really.



Complete Gentleman’s Guide



Suit Tailoring for the Beginner Gentleman



Guide to Choosing the Correct Belt for the Occasion



You’re not in College Anymore. Your Clothes Should Fit Properly



Bourbon vs. Whiskey Read Carefully.



Buying (Pre-owned) Rolex Watches



Pairing the Correct Wine with Food is a Sexy Skill



Gentlemen are Remembered for How Well They Entertain



Guide to Wet Shaving (The Lost Art)



Buying an Engagement Ring Like a Knowledgeable Gent



Gentlemen Don’t Need a Guide, Just Dating Reminders



Regional Food Knowledge for the Carnivorous Gents



Rockin’ a Mustache Like a Gent



Choose the Right Color Clothes to Fit Your Personality



Gentlemen Know How to Drink Whiskey



Valentine’s Day is a Real Gent’s Time to Shine



Gentleman’s Neckwear Flow Chart



Gents Wear Tuxedos and Tie Their Own Bow Tie

PrintGentleman’s Etiquette Mantra

lost-art-of etiquette


Be a Gentleman, Not a Saint



That’s a Great Head of Hair Sir


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