PHOTOGRAPHY – An American Warship in Hong Kong

Date: 2013.04.19

The USS Peleliu (LHA-5) AH-1Z Viper amphibious assault ship was docked at Ocean Terminal for much of this week. Hong Kongers were all of a fluster as the Americans dropped by on a scheduled, routine R&R stop. However, the high-profile presence of the USS Peleliu was said to be a ‘nod’ to tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

Below are some of the best images captured during the week. Whilst viewing these shots, Hong Wrong recommends a choice of two musical accompaniment options…

‘Top Gun / ‘Take My Breath Away’

OR Village People’s ‘In the Navy’

t4AaEeWl.jpg (640×427)McDonnell Douglas AV-8B Harrier II attack plane, by SK Leung, click to enlarge

bXhXhpNl.jpg (640×427)by SK Leung, click to enlarge


ANXCoWOl.jpg (640×427)by SK Leung, click to enlarge

tPdPfSzl.jpg (640×427)by SK Leung, click to enlarge

zIWqlT9l.jpg (640×361)via

AaGUTfKl.jpg (640×361)via

KiuqDQm.jpg (640×427)via See-ming Lee on Flickr

gpowcqil.jpg (640×364)via SCMP

jzNxEzql.jpg (640×378)via SCMP

dYuUQHI.png (636×416)via Xavier* on Flickr

4LqSe07.png (636×420)via Xavier* on Flickr

CpeKPw6l.jpg (640×398)via SCMP

uLbN4Bf.png (635×416)via Mark Obusan on Flickr

53f1akf.png (525×579)via Mark Obusan on Flickr

OatKBqy.jpg (524×800)via icy5816 on Flickr

Seaman Jaime Watson rings aboard distinguished visitors, via Commander, U.S. 7th Fleet on Flickr

Rear Adm. Jeffery Harley addresses distinguished visitors, via SurfaceWarriors on Flickr

via Xavier* on Flickr

QPL0rlhl.jpg (640×480)Leaving the city, via @benfox on Twitter


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