Asian Youth Trade Outfits With Their Elders To Make Us Rethink Age Stereotypes In Fashion

by on Feb 18, 2014 • 11:04 am

It‘s not surprising anymore that young people’s fashion choices are influenced by their grandparents’ closet, especially for the past few years. But can older people pull off the outfits that youngsters wear these days? Photographer Qozop captured pairs of relatives (parents and kids or grandparents and grandchildren) after they’ve exchanged outfits in his aptly-named “Spring-Autumn” photo series.

The project focuses on Asian cultures, where the fashion gap between generations is more evident. Older people tend to stick with more ethnic clothing, while youngsters are up to conquer new fields of contemporary fashion. The most amazing thing is that, after switching the outfits, both the youngsters and their older relatives look naturally hip and beautiful. This is the best proof that the stereotype about what is proper to wear for one’s age needs to be shaken up.


Malay grandfather and grandson

Chinese mother and daughter

Chinese grandmother and granddaughter

Chinese grandfather and grandson

Malay mother and daughter

Indian grandfather and grandson

Indian grandmother and granddaughter


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