Check Out These Amazing Photos Of Cold War-Era Spy Gadgets




JAN. 3, 2012, 6:20 PM

From Russian photoblog comes these great pictures of Cold War-era miniature gadgets that KGB spies and others used to monitor, smuggle, and kill (via RussiaEnglish).

Seeing as we have just seen the new adaptation of John Le Carre’s Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, these photos are a another great reminder of how paranoid and insane that whole ‘Cold War’ period was.

A tiny gun hidden on the inside of a glove.

A miniature gun, mounted in a pipe.

This umbrella could shoot poisoned darts.

A transmitter hidden in the heel of a shoe.

This CIA tool kit was designed to be concealed anally by agents in the 60s.

A 4.5mm Gun, mounted in the chuck of lipstick by the KGB

A camera disguised as a watch, from the German Secret Service.

These CIA issued glasses could contain poison in the arms.

A system for listening radar and air defense systems discovered by KGB agents.

A miniature cyanide gun

This pen contains a hidden camera

These KGB cuff links from the middle of the 20th Century had a hidden compartment inside.

This object was apparently an CIA transmitter.

This mid-century soviet coin had a hidden recess inside.

A small KGB camera disguised like a button from the 1970s

A CIA bomb disguised as a rock (the other box contains camouflage paint for the bomb).

A bomb disguised as a flask.


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