Good work HKPD!

Here’s the WWII bomb that was defused by Hong Kong police today


Hong Kong police were able to successfully dismantle the 2,000 pound US wartime bomb that was uncovered, unexploded, at a construction site in Happy Valley yesterday.

Thousands of people were forced to evacuate the surrounding area as police worked at dismantling the bomb, labeled US Navy AN-M66, which contained 450kg of explosives.


Xinhua reported that the police bomb disposal team planned on surrounding the bomb with sand bags as a way to cushion the blast, should there be an explosion, while they cut open the bomb to take out the explosives before it was safely removed.


Xinhua reports that the explosives have been disposed of and police have reopened the surrounding area after a 17-hour cordon off.

It took police two hours and twenty minuets to remove the live explosives from the bomb casing, which was longer than expected, said Yuen Honwing, senior bomb disposal officer of the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Bureau.

“We dare not risk moving the bomb. It could cause severe damage within a radius of 10 meters, and buildings might collapse instantly, ” Yuen said.

The bomb was found plunged vertically into the ground, and is around 1.7 meters long with a diameter of .61 meters. 


Yuen Hongwing, the senior bomb disposal officer of the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Bureau, told reporters that a US bomber flying out of Guangzhou was carrying the bomb and it had likely landed on soft ground and failed to detonate.


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