Netizens post hilarious photos of families trying to sit through Spring Festival gala


This year’s installment of the CCTV annual Spring Festival gala aired on Thursday to the mixed reviews of audiences, but these photos posted by netizens across the country showing their families sleeping through the show are a pretty clear testament as to how much appeal CCTV’s gala had to the older crowds. Take a look and read the wonderful reactions as told by online users.


“After seeing half of the show, my sister suddenly started screaming, ‘The Spring Festival gala is just terrible.’ I was very angry and said, ‘Can’t you keep your voice down? Don’t you see everyone is sleeping?'” one user wrote.


“I kept convincing my dad to go to sleep, but he insisted on keeping me company. it turned out like this,” another user said.

“Everyone except me was sleeping.”


“My mom hasn’t gone to sleep this early in years. Thanks to Feng and the gala,” said one user.


“My family went to sleep right when the gala got started.”


“We didn’t watch the live show last night, so my family watched the rebroadcasting and couldn’t help falling asleep.”


“My grandparents was sleeping through the entire gala show.”

Well, we can’t all have the energy of the gala’s Twirling Queen.

By Isabel Quan


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